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Microsoft is working on the “fix problems without rebooting” option in Windows 11

Microsoft has started working on an option that will allow for an on-site upgrade without the installation media in Windows 11.

This update refers to the “Update This Computer Now” option in the Windows Media Creation Tool. To perform it, you must load the Media Creation Tool and select the “Update This Computer Now” option to begin “reinstalling” the most recent build of the OS. This feature is used for troubleshooting Windows issues.

While the Media Creation Tool works pretty well, Microsoft is looking to speed up and simplify the onsite upgrade process for Windows 11 with a new option in the Windows Update Center settings.

In the latest preview builds, the company is testing a new feature that combines in-place updates and Media Creation Tool features in one package.

The builds include a new hidden option called “Fix problems without rebooting your computer” on the System>Restore page of the Settings app.

At the moment, this option does not work at all.

In addition to the above parameter in the Settings app, there are now references to IsUserInitiatedInPlaceUpgradeAllowedor SystemSettings_Misc_RunInPlaceUpgrade.

This new method of merging updates will probably prevent possible problems. Microsoft has previously started testing a new diagnostic tool in Windows 11 which will allow you to create a live kernel dump without disrupting the OS.

Additionally, build 25284 contains some notable improvements. It includes a new widget for the Messenger application, through which unread messages can be viewed. In this build, Microsoft offered a temporary workaround for the VPN issues.

Earlier in the preview build of Windows 11, references were found that Microsoft may implement the new ReFS file system to replace the former NTFS in certain systems.

In addition, Windows 11 may include a volume mixer similar to EarTrumpet.



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