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Microsoft Edge test the feature of viewing content from two tabs at once in a single window

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft is currently testing a new split-screen feature for its Edge browser that allows users to compare two tabs side by side. The feature was first discovered by a Reddit user. It is available in early versions of the browser on the Beta, Dev, and Canary channels, but it is not activated by default. To enable it, users can navigate to the edge://flags service page and find the #edge-split-screen setting and toggle it to “Enabled”.


Once activated, a new button will appear next to the address bar, which allows users to split the Edge window into two separate tabs that are displayed next to each other. This built-in split-screen feature in Edge makes it easy to compare content with a single click, without the need to reorder tabs or open a new browser window. The release date for when this feature will be available in the final version of the browser has not been specified yet.

It is worth noting that a similar feature is already available in the browser Vivaldi, where users can place up to four tabs in different layouts within a single window. However, Microsoft Edge is currently limited to displaying just two tabs next to each other.

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