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Intel confirmed Meteor Lake release in 2023

Intel published financial results for the 4th quarter of 2022 and the schedule for new products release. Judging by it, in 2023 the company will introduce two new processor series: Meteor Lake and Emerald Rapids.

Meteor Lake will be the first consumer chipset CPU and the first processor for which the company uses ultra-hard ultraviolet (EUV) lithography. The GPU chip for it will be made by TSMC, while the compute chip will be created on the Intel 4 (7nm) node.

In addition, the Emerald Rapids processor will be released in 2023, made by Intel 7 (10 nm) process technology and designed for data centers. Intel also confirmed its plans regarding the release of Lunar Lake, a notebook processor designed with a focus on energy efficiency.

Intel’s Novelty Release Schedule, according to Videocardz:

  • February 2023 → Sapphire Rapids processor,
  • Q3 2023 → Intel Alchemist+ graphics card,
  • Q3 2023 → Raptor Lake Refresh processor,
  • 2 half of 2023 → Intel Meteor Lake processor,
  • 2 half of 2023 → Emeralds Rapids processor,
  • 2024 → Lunar Lake processor,
  • 2024 → Arc Battlemage graphics card,
  • 2024 → Granite/Sierra processor,
  • 2025+ → Arc Celestial graphics card,
  • 2026+ → Arc Druid graphics card.

Meanwhile, according to the report, Intel’s revenue last quarter was just $14 billion, not only below the company’s forecast, but also 32% below the fourth quarter of 2021. Overall, Intel earned $63.1 billion for the year, down 20% from 2021. Net income fell by nearly half, to $8 billion. Sales figures sagged for all product categories, with notebook solutions especially hard hit (falling from $25.4 billion to $18.78 billion).



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