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Google will let users in India choose third-party payment methods in Google Play and customize search on Android

From February 2023, payment by choice will be available for all apps on Google Play in India, the company announced in its blog. Users will be able to decide whether to pay through the app store or do it another way. Developers will be able to offer payment outside of Google Play.

When purchasing Android devices, users will have a choice box in which they will be able to specify which search engine will be installed by default.

In October 2022, the Competition Commission of India fined Google $162 million for abusing its dominant position in the market of Android devices. In the same month, the company was fined another $113 million and demanded to allow third-party payments for developers.

In early 2023, India unveiled the mobile operating system BharOS, created with the support of the country’s government.

In 2022, Google already allowed third-party payment methods for developers of non-gaming apps in Europe, and launched a program in India, Australia, Indonesia, Japan, and countries in the European Economic Area that also allows charging outside the app store.



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